Take current ue4 mann to blender problem…

FORUMS FORUMS Import & Export Take current ue4 mann to blender problem…

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      Ive read a lot of things and looked at a lot of YT and Ive mostly got my issue fixed. The bones come in weird and I can fix everything except the ‘rotation’ bones of the arms and legs (some say just delete them and retarget has your back), and also my number one desire the ik bones so that I can use root motion attacks that I see out there. None of the current videos, add-ons, or tricks seem to be working from what Ive noticed. And the mann I’m using is the animstarter pack from epic.

      When I do try to import it also breaks the original skeleton forcing me to redownload the starter anim pack/use source control. The closest Ive gotten is the original skeleton gets distorted and pulled apart like Nebula when Thanos tortures her. I feel like its a total noob issue and somebody has an idea.

      Please and thank you, 5 days desperate here.

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