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      hello, I am trying to make a plant stem using a mesh that’s controlled by a curve. I’ve been mulling over this for about a year and have ask of multiple forums but haven’t got much luck. hopefully someone here can help.

      Real plant example:

      plant stem

      I am having some trouble with figuring out how to shade a mesh along a curve. Most things I try end up shading it on global coordinates instead of the curve/mesh itself. It has to be along the mesh because if the plant to leaning over in a certain way the color could change.

      curve shaded with generated

      First off, I want to shade along the curve using a color ramp where each end of the ramp are each on of the mesh then try and use the section inbetween the points on the curve to shade the nodes (plant node) where the leaves will be darker and inbetween lighter.


      closest thing I’ve manage to do is capture the normal attribute of the mesh faces but it colors it in the wrong direction of the curve.

      shading for mesh face normal

      Surely a 1 dimension color ramp should be able to shade a mesh based on a 1 dimensional curve. Feels so simple yet i can’t figure it out. please help

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